The Clerkes of All Saints

The Clerkes of All Saints is one of Yorkshire's leading liturgical chamber choirs. We bring top-quality music to parish churches which don't normally benefit from choral singing in their worship. We also sing in larger churches and cathedrals, and provide choral music for weddings across Yorkshire.

We perform one-off concerts to support charities, church funds and other good causes.


Quality and variety

We specialise in Anglican church music, but for concerts we like to spread our wings a little!

Jazz, pop, folk and madrigals rub shoulders with sacred and secular choral works from around the world and down the ages.

Thank you and the choir so very much for giving such a wonderful concert at Shiptonthorpe. The comments have been coming in ever since the concert – the professionalism, the power and range of the voices, the programme range – and the whole evening running like clockwork. As a church we are still basking in the afterglow of such a superb musical event.
— Ian Warrington, concert organiser at Shiptonthorpe parish church


Good causes

Unusually for a choir of our quality, we don't charge a fee or ask for expenses when we sing for charity.

So 100% of what we raise on your behalf goes straight to the good cause you're supporting.

Many thanks again for yesterday’s concert. I bumped into someone today who was still buzzing from the effects you created in the Blue Bird. Looking back I’m still staggered by the enormous variety of the programme, your effortless switching between genres, and the high quality of it all. So please give everyone our warmest thanks and our earnest desire for you to come again.
— Andrew Pate, concert organiser at St Patrick's church, Patrington

How to book us


Unlike many choirs, we don't have a regular concert schedule. We focus on singing services for most of the year. So if you'd like to book us for a concert, we need plenty of notice -- ideally six months or more -- to have a chance of fitting it into our existing calendar!

To invite us to your church or make an enquiry about a future event, email us on and we'll get back to you.



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